How to Turn Your Thoughts Into ACTION, In 30 Seconds... Or Less!

In the survey, a lot of people have been asking questions like:

  • How to keep doing things instead of just thinking about them?
  • How can I continuously turn a sense of "lock-up" into a flow from idea to action?
  • How do I find the motivation to get started?
  • How to stop reading self-help books and start doing?

So I created this little 10-minute training video to answer them.  In it, I explain how to use natural "pull" motivation to instantly turn thoughts into action... the way the thought of having some chocolate cake can quickly turn into action!

So watch, learn, and enjoy!  Oh, and don't forget to leave a comment here, to let me know what you think.

Great video

Thanks PJ great video as usual, seriously can't wait for the book to be released, please hurry :)


Thanks Phillip!
The "watching YouTube when you're supposed to be working" bit has thrown me over :-)

It works for me

Thanks PJ, good tip.

You know, i've actually cleaned my desk after watching your video :) Pretty simple trick and it works for me, i'll try to test it on more complex tasks.

Keep it up!

Great video - great

Great video - great content.
As always - YOU ROCK :)

pull motivation

by mere watching the video,i can feel the pull.this is great.


Hi PJ,

First time I've seen/heard you after reading Dirt Simple for a long time. Nice video - clean, clear, and (for once) the audio was good quality (that's the main reason I don't often bother with videos).

And... I've got a clean desk. What can I say? No real "ra-ra, let's DO this thing", motivation. More like a "Ah well, might as well do it anyway" motivation. Just like picking the fork up and cutting into the chocolate cake: the lifting up of the fork isn't that exciting either, but we still do it!

Looking forward to your future output

Andy Peacock


I now have a tidy desk and a tidy room - and while watching the video I had a couple of ah-ha moments which I expect will prove fruitful. I appreciate what you have done here.

Thanks very much PJ, I

Thanks very much PJ, I downloaded your "How to make yourself do anything" workshop. It's like nothing else out there. Good work!!! Very interesting! Great audio presentation! Looking forward to your next book; and to using your 10 minute video "pull" technique when I am stuck in my next "spot".

Great video. That's help.

Great video. That's help. Thanks.

3 Steps Are Not New

The first of the 3 steps in this video is discussed in a book by Adam Khan in 1999, called "self help", THIS IS NOTHING NEW

Thanks for the reference!

I've never heard of Adam Khan, I'll have to check it out.

Of course, I did say in the video that nothing about the steps themselves was new, and that's especially true of the first step: I mean geez, EVERYBODY says you should see your end result in mind!

The other two steps are not so commonly mentioned, though, and I don't think I've ever seen anyone put all 3 steps in the same place before; I've only seen 1+2 (in some law of attraction" stuff) and 1+3 (almost exclusively in the work of Robert Fritz and those deriving from him).

Of course, the really important question isn't whether ANY of this is new, it's whether you're USING it to make a difference in your life. Are you?

(If not, it really doesn't matter if it's 10,000 years old... and any interesting built-in features of the brain are probably going to be at least that old, so it's kind of presumptuous to call ANY self-help technique "new"!)


Great stuff and thanks for the clean desk!

I can't even remember how I came across this video, but I'm totally impressed. One clean desk later, I'm excited to think about the other ways this technique could be used!

My only problem was the inclusion of "faith" and Napoleon Hill's work in things you termed as rubbish and "nonsense." I just very respectfully disagree. People who would list faith as somehting that's very important to them could take offense. The only reason I even mention it is because you do ask for feedback and opinions, so I know you're looking for negatives (though from where I sit, there's just this one) as well as positives. As someone who loved 99.9 percent of your video, I just wanted to point out the little second that kept it from being a 100 percent. (I've also lumped this together in a paragraph that you're free to edit out before it appears on your blog - after all, you're the only one this feedback is intened for.)

Having said that, I really believe in what you're doing and teaching.

I wish you nothing but the best with your book. You're really onto something amazing and you strike me as one of those people who will have as much success in life as he wants.

I can't wait to show my daughters this video in relation to clean rooms and homework. Oh joy!

Daughters and homework...

Don't bother; one guy already tried that with getting his teenage daughter to clean her room. The catch is that it has to pass the "mmmm" test, so if they don't see anything good about having the room clean or homework done, it won't help. ;-)

(Of course, if they're asking for *help*, then it's a different story.)

Regarding faith, I think it's quite straightforward to establish that the *word* "faith" adds little to the discussion of how to motivate one's self. If somebody says they are motivated by "faith" this only helps another person if that other person means the exact same thing by the word "faith". If the second person thinks of that word differently, then they might struggle indefinitely without any success, and then rightly conclude that "faith" is not helping.

Thus, I prefer to instruct people in the actual process they must follow in their mind, by which they might obtain a result. Then, whatever word they choose to call it by is irrelevant.

But I don't really mind offending people who see "faith" as an answer to things. There are plenty of "faith-based" materials out there in the world for them to read or view, but VERY little available for people who need precision and testability.

Also, concepts like "faith" and "belief" have another flaw besides lacking precision: they are routinely used by the "guilt-trip gurus" to move responsibility from themselves to their clients.

That is, they have a built-in excuse so that if you don't succeed, the guru need only say that your faith obviously isn't strong enough.

This is a shameful excuse for not actually helping people with their problems, and it doesn't matter whether the excuse is made by a shrink with a degree, a guru with an infomercial, or some shaman with a cross and collar.

Wonderful concrete procedure

I am delighted by how you fit the abstract truths of visualization etc into an analytical and procedural format. I've shared this with several people I use it all the time.
Thank you PJ incredibly helpful!

Good Stuff thanks

Good Stuff thanks

Thank you

Wow, PJ, I've been watching this video with my desk entirely covered with papers, pens, business cards etc. I havent cleaned my desk after watching the video tho, since I'm too busy having my meal (You should understand me) but Im sure my girlfriend needs this piece of information on motivation. She cant get to to a gym for several years now and this video should help. Thank you from russia with love.

I don't know if it will help with the gym...

Certainly, it didn't help me with that. But I'm working on another technique that boosts determination for things you want to make a habit (like exercise) and I may release it as a separate product within a month or two.

Getting started with working out, when you don't feel like it.

I was just wondering if you had anything out that would assist you in finding the will power to start a workout when you really don't want to, or would this same technique work for that too?

The "mmm" test

Love this! That one I am definitely taking with me and using to validate I'm coming from a place of more, not less. Beautiful. Also, push vs pull motivation; first time I've heard about this concept. Makes a lot of sense.

Seriously... I might be on the "woo-woo" side for some, however, I firmly believe that we are all drawing from a large bucket of intelligence (consciousness)... so no need to explain why this info is not new. None of it is, really and how could it be?

I believe it's all about how the info is delivered. Sometimes it's the voice. Sometimes it's a process that has been created. In the end, the only thing that matters to me is "if" I got it and how I'll be using it.

The mmm test I got! Thank you!

getting it done

3 simple steps, wonderfully easy to do, and to succeed.

This Qualifies For My "Influence Yourself" Blog

Wow PJ, this really made "The Secret" understandable. The mini-goal example was REALLY helpful to test if one is doing "The Secret" correctly. This is definitely going to make my blog for "WOW" techniques I discover and use. I'll Twitter this video, and StumbleUpon it, and Digg it, and ???? so that everyone can benefit from your book. Thanks for your work!

Nice but...

One thing interesting with your little video is that it worked with me. Got a super neat clean desk and surprisingly still is 2 days later! ;)

Now i can't help but notice that one reason that explains
the success of this particualar video is the fact that
there is no possible important negative beliefs that could
stop us from doing that pretty easy task. There is no things
like "oh my god i don't deserve to have a clean desk" or I would be a horrible person if i had a clean desk". No obvious identity matters here just a little common procrastination thing. I want to believe that it would work that well for things that count like changing really bad habits, changing the way i eat, going to the gym when i hate it or having an interview for a job when you think you're a failure for example...

Yep. That's exactly right.

Thing is, the techniques for fixing those negative beliefs and such won't fit into a single 10 minute video... especially because people's negative "stuff" is a lot more complex and individual. I do teach techniques for eliminating those things, of course, but mainly in the context of my private membership programs where there's at least some ability to do more personal interaction.

Once you get rid of those things then, yes, the same technique works quite well.

Two tips: one, focus on what beliefs are making you feel pressured to begin with -- not the immediate obstacles, but why you feel you "have to" fix your eating habits, for example.

Two, even if you have a problem, try to do the technique *anyway*... because the bad feelings that come up instead of the "mmmm" will now give you a direct clue as to what your *real* problem is.

Hi PJ, I just came across you

Hi PJ,

I just came across you from Perry Marshalls site and you have a made a big impression already.

The 4 clips of your conversation on Perrys site really made me think and explained alot about my own motivation, blocks and leverage points.

I am looking forward to applying your techniques.

Keep up the great work


Thank you so much

Wow, seriously? these 3 amazing steps have been around for years and i haven't heard of them? you just saved my life. figuratively of course :) but still.
thanks so much for the vid!


If only I could visualize

Now if only I could visualize! I can't say how many times I've been told just to visualize something with 0 results. I think my minds projector is broken.

Just watched your video on

Just watched your video on via Facebook. Your steps in the 10 min segment worked for the visualization of my messy kitchen to the degree that my mental filters would allow. It helped very much and I look forward to more of your work. Well done and Thankyou!

Same here. I went on to read

Same here. I went on to read everything I could find on this site!


I missed the second half of the video because I was cleaning my desk!

Does this technique work on

Does this technique work on school related stuff too?
Like projects, tests, etc. Can I motivate myself to actually finish projects the night before its due? Can I motivate myself to study for finals and exams a month before the upcoming Finals? Thank you for the awesome and hope you will have a great holiday.

It worked. My desk is totally

It worked. My desk is totally clean, and all of the drawers and I'm working on my house and car. It's crazy effective.

That is one great Video. Very

That is one great Video. Very Clean and Clear.
just don't know this Adam Khan. Never heard about him.
Thank you for this. it was very Helpful.

It worked!!!

It worked like a charm!!

You are a genius!!

It worked great! thanks!! You

It worked great!


You are a genius!

It worked

I watched the video, I did the steps. I cleaned my desk.

Walked away to make a coffee and had such a surprise that it was done - it was so effortless that I kind of didn't realise I was doing it.

Love it.

Now to try to apply it to other things. I'm sure it can be done, just need to find a way

Thank you


it had a great impact in

it had a great impact in me..thanks to my friend..this really is a big help..

Wanting more!

The first time I watched this, I gleefully cleaned my desk afterwards. Being redirected to the video as I read through chapter six, I am having a hard time not getting up, despite the late hour, and cleaning my desk.

Reading the book, it is clear that you have a firm grasp of a lot of the recent findings of neuroscience, and positive psychology. And that you are not a naturally optimistic thinker makes your book actually valuable to the sorts of people (like me) who need it.

I encourage you to keep going. You are really on to something here.