Day 1: The Adventure Begins

So, I officially started today, taking my first day off from my day job to begin the book project.  In some respects, I didn't do that much on the book: I spent most of my morning re-uploading the announcement video for my self-improvement group, after finding I uploaded the wrong version.  But finally I got it out, and before the day was over a good few hundred people had watched it, and a lot of them had signed up to get a free book.

Better still, they filled out the survey, and shared their questions about how to get their lives together and live their dreams.

So far, I've been sorting and organizing the questions into about 7 different categories.  Most are about what I expected, but one of the categories was one that hadn't occurred to me: How to succeed without...

Losing Friends and Infuriating People!

It seems a fair number of people have issues with other people's demands on their time, or else some concerns about how their friends might react to them taking anything seriously.  So, I'll definitely take that into consideration as I plan out the book.

What, you thought I already had a plan for this shindig?  Heck no.  When I said I was going to do this whole thing right here in public, I meant the whole thing - planning and all.  And already I'm reaping the benefits, in the form of real people's real questions, that will help me focus this thing -- something I couldn't have gotten if I sat in my ivory tower and made up a plan all by my lonesome.

Now once upon a time, I could never have contemplated something like this.  If I'd seen somebody doing something like it, I'd have said, "Wow, that guy is crazy.  Wish I had that kind of guts."

What I didn't know is, I already had those guts.

I just didn't know how to use them.

And the same is true for you.

So over the next few weeks, I'm going to be putting up some videos that will start showing you how to use your mind -- and guts -- to stop thinking, and start doing.  How to overcome the fear of failure..  or success!  And how to finally do the things you know you need to do...  but can't seem to bring yourself to actually do.

And I'm going to reveal the true secret of how I managed to change myself - from the kind of person who was always stuck and stalling, to the kind of person who can live their life without excuses.

And that secret is not hard work and willpower.

In fact, willpower was the biggest thing holding me back from success!

And chances are good, it's what's holding you back, too.

Now, why not fill out the survey, and let me know what else is holding you back? 


I can't believe you just posted this...

PJ...So I'm doing the required survey to get the book free, and I think to myself, "My issues have more to do with OTHER people in my life, so my responses aren't probably going to be to relevant to all of this." Then I start poking around the blog, and what do i find? Your "unexpecteded" category for people's life problems- what OTHER people in their live's will think, etc.! That blew me away!! I think you might find this issue to be a lot more than a side consideration. Thanks for your insights!