Day 10: Bullshit and Lies

I just stumbled onto this "tip sheet" from the "National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization" (by way of 43 Folders), and I thought I would share it with you...  because it's utter bullshit and completely useless.

Tip #1 is, "Remember that it is motivation that gets you started and habits that keep you going. Resolve to get started."  WTF?  How is that in any way a tip?  That's like that old stock market "tip": buy low, sell high.  Thank you, Captain Obvious!

And in the classic self-constradictory style of these nonsensical tip sheets, tip #4 tells us that what's delayed is often forgotten, but #5 starts out with "Delay until you have enough information"!

And the rest of it, of course, is either meaningless drivel or pointless twaddle that adds more things to your to-do list, instead of giving you less to do.

This is exactly the sort of crap that drove me to figuring out my own self-help methods in the first place.  People need REAL answers, not mindless pablum.  They need to know HOW to get started -- and "resolving" is definitely not how you do it.

In fact, "resolving" is a terrific way to de-motivate yourself, because it's basically preparing your mind and body for conflict.  When you narrow your eyes, grit your teeth, and generally tense up your body, you're telling it, "I'm about to get into a fight."  Not helpful.

What you want to be doing to get started is tapping into desire instead: pull motivation, not push.  More on that soon.