Day 4: Welcome to the Jungle!

So, I spent the last couple of days wrestling with video equipment, scripting and F/X planning, and a bit of time on the book design.  Actually, I probably spent even more time wrestling with myself, to overcome a bunch of emotional distractions like:

  • frustration with being behind (compared to my over-idealistic initial schedule)
  • fear that my training videos will be too boring (or alternatively, not communicate enough)
  • feeling like I can't just relax and enjoy the process...  like I had to work hard and stress, even if I'm doing what I want to be

And I'm pretty sure that's only half the real list, but I've already forgotten the rest.  (The best and worst thing about making rapid personality changes using my "mind hacking" techniques is that they tend to create amnesia for the old belief or behavior, because it seems so unnatural once you've stopped believing or doing it!)

But my brain isn't the only thing that needed a bit of cleanup.  Check out this YouTube video I just uploaded, that shows precisely how messy my office is.  (Plus, it even has a couple of productivity-related tips, because you know I can't pass up an opportunity to teach something, once I've got an audience!) 

So have a look at it, then leave me a comment below (here, not on YouTube!) and tell me what you think:

P.S. Be sure to sign up for a free copy of the book, too.  Please note that I won't be leaving that option up forever, though, because at some point I've got to stop collecting questions and start answering them.  ;-)


That looks like my office!

Yeah, that looks kinda like my home office, too. Only add about 20 more boxes of unfiled papers. I have been getting some stuff done in here in the past day or so toward one of my big goals, so I guess it's time to clean up so I can multiply that.

Thanks for the video

and good luck with the book!


I sooo appreciate coming across this! I have literally sat at my computer....staring around at things I see I need to do and knowing I have lots of issues that needs attending and would beg the air so to speak..."Where do I find the motivation to do all this...I have none!" I've Googled the heck out of the subject and still accomplished nothing. I was just looking into my mirror this morning and telling myself I am a pro at procrastination. This soo looks promising.

Your office is so totally

Your office is so totally organized compared to mine at this very moment and I do get stuff done. Except I am so stressed about the mess it isn't my favorite place to be.