The Seven Laws of Belief

In the book survey, a lot of people have been asking me questions like, "How can I change the beliefs that are keeping me from getting things done?"  and "How can I do things when I just don't feel like it?"

Well, I'll be answering these questions fully in the book, of course, but later this week I'll also be shooting a video with my fellow NLP guru Bruce Muzik (of "Relax and Attract" fame), and we'll be giving you some things you can use right now.

But first, here's a little sneak preview of what we'll be talking about, that's also an excerpt from the book version of Thinking Things Done.

I've put together a 2-page PDF on my "Seven Laws of Belief", including a worksheet that takes you through much of the belief-change process we're going to teach.  Download it here and check it out.  Then, keep an eye out for the videos that go with it!


P.S. Don't forget to leave a comment below to let me know what you think, or if you have any questions, so I can be sure to cover them in the coming videos.

Great handout

PJ -- this is a great handout. The theory is simply and forcefully explained, and the questions that help diagnose and fix the belief are clear and nicely sequenced. Can't wait to see the video that goes with it.


where is the video??
and the book :D

Book will go on sale December 1st

...and the video will be up as soon as I'm done editing it. This week, I've got a CD to record and a workshop to present, so the video might not be out 'till next week.

its december 1st :p

its december 1st :p

Yep, and I'm seriously late...

...due to a severe bout of carpal tunnel syndrome, among other issues. I don't have an updated release date yet. :-(

Great HandOut

PJ -

thanks for sharing. I have been a 'self help' whore myw hole life, and I am alsways excited by any new book, blog or information I can get! Great work!

This looks a lot like some

This looks a lot like some concepts I've seen from cognitive-behavioural therapy. Are you familiar with that?

Yep... I do know about CBT...

But there are some differences, which will be more apparent once I get the video edit finished and up (probably sometime in the next few days).

I just got here after

I just got here after watching your video on the dirt simple site. I could not believe it! I was sitting here with my messy desk which is now completely clean and it was just like you said... I didn't even have to think about it. My hands started grabbing things and putting them where they went. I went in the kitchen to throw away the garbage and started having the same thing happen in there. I actually did stop myself in there because I really wanted to come here and learn more!! Thanks so much!! I just need to figure out a way to make this work with exercise!!

Imagine how good you'll feel...

...after you've exercised, knowing that you're on the way to the body or energy you want.

Imagine already having whatever it is that you want to get from exercising, without thinking about exercising, in the same way that you thought about things being clean, without thinking about *how* you would get them that way.

Bruce Muzik

Seeing that you are (have by now) going to do a talk with Bruce Muzik, does that mean you are into the whole law of attraction thing aswell... hope not, because I'm not to impressed with it.

The way I see it...

The "Law of Attraction" is something that describes how your MIND works, not how *reality* works. That's something that a lot of people get confused about, and that leads to a lot of stupid rationalizations to explain why elephants don't appear in your living room whenever you think about them.

That being said, a lot of the stuff that LoA followers talk about actually has psychological relevance to your motivation, persistence, focus, and so on, through suggestion and self-fulfilling prophecy.

So I use those bits, within a more... shall we say... "agnostic" framework. Nothing that I teach people to do requires any belief in the supernatural, or silly macro-scale interpretations of quantum physics.

As for my talk with Bruce, it was not so much a talk as a demonstration: I showed him how to remove a negative belief he had, that was making him nervous about an upcoming project.

For a LoA follower, they would probably interpret what I did as changing his vibrational level or some such business; but for me, it's just a matter of changing what (self-fulfilling) predictions your brain is making.

As we now know through the research, predictions are fundamental to thought, intelligence, and even perception: your brain is making them constantly, and there is a strong tendency for these predictions to be self-fulfilling, especially those that reference the self in some way.

If you expect to be shy in a situation, for example, then your body and brain will be "primed" to act in that way, as well as being more likely to interpret any ambiguous evidence in favor of supporting the "shyness" prediction. But this isn't some sort of "universal law": it's just basic psychology.

Unfortunately, these expectations that I'm talking about are mostly not under direct conscious control... and often aren't even in conscious awareness. But with a little bit of effort you can go in, find them, and then change them to something that works better.

That makes sense...

I'm glad you see it the way you do, because I can’t take anyone who truly believes in the LOA serious. And since I'm somewhat of a silent admirer of you work that would have disappointed me a good deal. I'm even considering buying some of your work even though it's (and I hope your not offended by this)quite pricy. I guess I’ve been duped to many times by people selling self-help products to make an impulsive decision. I want to thank you for your prompt and elaborate reply, it actually surprised me, so often people don’t respond or only a few words.

Not offended...

But to paraphrase the old saying, if you think education is expensive, try ignorance. ;-)

More seriously, I've a great deal of time and money to learn what I've learned: many tens of thousands of dollars and quite a few years out of my life. So what I teach is really cheap at the price.

But what I realized a long time ago is that education is only expensive if you don't intend and EXPECT to succeed by using it. Once I realized that, I started spending a heck of a lot more money on it than I used to, and got more out of it!

This is why naturally successful people are often some of the biggest consumers of self-help products, even though they don't seem to "need" them: because to them, one GOOD idea is enough to pay for the book or course or whatever... IF they actually implement it.

But naturally struggling people, don't usually expect to actually IMPLEMENT any of the ideas they learn... which means they subconsciously value books and courses by comparing them to the prices of entertainment products.

Because really, if all you want is to read or hear something interesting, then yeah, of course it's "quite pricy" compared to other forms of entertainment.

Thus, I really don't recommend you buy from me if you consider it pricy: that's an indication you still don't expect to actually DO anything with what you learn. When it seems cheap and an absolute no-brainer to you, then you'll know you're expecting to DO something with it.

The difference between the successful and the struggling here, is that when you're struggling, you expect the author or teacher to fix you, or for the ideas themselves to magically change you.

But as I pointed out in Chapter 1, that is NEVER going to happen. Even though I teach ideas that are easier to apply (and easier for the struggling to understand in the first place!), you still have to take responsibility for *applying* what you learn... or it will be nothing more than entertainment.

You're right..

What you say makes perfect sense. Do you know what I want? I want to be a person who is motivated, purposeful and directed in life. Who chooses something and commits to it. What I don’t want is to be plagued by indecision, directionless and unmotivated to accomplish anything in life. My great fear is that I will stay the same as I am now.

The secret of getting what you want

There is a book called "The Ultimate Secret To Getting Absolutely Everything You Want" -- it's a very short book, because it's a very simple secret.

You simply have to decide you're willing to do whatever it takes.

You don't necessarily have to DO everything you think it *might* take... just, you have to be *willing*.

And at that point, doors start opening up for you.

See, for the people who joined my Mindhacking 101 course, now in progress, many of them have been unclear what to do about their problems. Some I've helped on the phone, others via our forums. But the key thing is, they were WILLING to do whatever it might take, without worrying about what, specifically, it was going to take.

As a result, they're moving forward and getting over some things that have been problems for them, for a long long time.

If you're truly willing to do whatever it takes, you're in a position to move forward, even if you don't know ahead of time what, specifically, you would need to do.

That, basically, is what "commitment" actually is. It's not gritting your teeth and straining your brow. It's just acknowledging the truth of what you want, and being willing to pay the price for it -- whether it's in time, tears, or cold hard cash.

And oddly enough, once you've accepted that, the things you have to do to get what you want, no longer seem like such a big deal.

I'm not saying "buy from me", mind you. What I'm saying is, when you become WILLING, you won't choose your path based on which one is *least difficult*, but rather, which one is *most likely to bring success*.

Which is the way a *naturally* successful person makes their choices.