Preview chapters, layout woes

It's kind of tough to write a book while fighting carpal tunnel syndrome. (Especially when your desktop publishing software keeps screwing up the table of contents, too!)

Anyway, I'm now close to halfway through the writing, and barring any more flare-ups or software problems, I should be done in mid-to-late January.

I'm really excited about what I've written so far, because even though I've been teaching a ton of this stuff in my seminars, newsletters, and CDs, I've never put it all down in one place, as a complete SYSTEM before, and it's awesome. I'm actually discovering new things as I put it all together, and it's going to take my work to a whole different level in the new year.

During the countdown to the launch of the book, I'll be sending out a lot of goodies (including several sample chapters) to everyone who's on the waiting list. So if you're not already signed up, fill out the little form below. You'll also get immediate access to the "prequel" e-book ("Why Can't I Change?"), and various videos, special reports, etc.

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