Chapter 1: The Buzz Is In

Last week, I sent out a copy of chapter 1 to everyone on the waiting list, and a lot of people sent in comments and stories about it. And it sounds like a lot of people can hardly wait for chapter 2... let alone the rest of the book!

"Your first chapter sounds like you were describing me! Your thoughts about successful vs struggling people make so much sense." -- Sue M.

"I am a sceptic, for all the reasons that you've given in your first chapter, but what you have written is very compelling, and from having read your work in the past, you have a very practical, down to earth approach that (if it works) sounds very exciting to this old procrastinator. I am looking forward to your book!" -- Jim van M.

"I read chapter 1 outloud to my husband and we totally related to what you wrote....

We are waiting with baited breath to find out how to activate our robots. I am a natural struggler and my husband is a semi-natural struggler. He hasn't always had a lot of trouble but the stress of dealing with a long term health condition has thrown him off balance. I, on the other hand, had the ability to turn anything in to a struggle, right from birth!

You have got our attention. I am planning to share as much of this as I can with my 17 yr. old who despite being very intelligent, likely could be diagnosed as ADD. I'm hoping he might learn something helpful before creating a mess in his life like the one in his room. Thanks for letting us in on your discoveries!" -- Lisa I.

"Thanks PJ. I have read and found the chapter a page-turner. It creates the high curiosity element, for me at least, to get to the next chapters. Good if this momentum is maintained throughout the book." -- Mohamed R.

"...Promises to be very different and helpful. I'm currently writing my first novel but my defeating behaviour keeps threatening to stop my progress and get me to quit. I want to finish my goal and become a published author this time. I just turned 39 and I think now is the time to reach my dream. My whole life has been a series of failures and disappointments but I know that deep inside I'm more than that. I'm better than that. Thank you," -- Olga P.

"The first chapter is brilliant and I'm on the hook. I'm in waiting mode cause I feel like anything else I try is just more of the same and I want to bloody get on with it.... I'm exactly like you in that I have a library of self help and it never made the difference.... Is there anything I can do (money?) to get my hands on this info faster? Is it available to clients? Either way let me know. Thanks!" -- John McN.

"Is there any way I can get the rest right away? I need to seriously change things now. My marriage may depend on it. I'd really appreciate it." -- Danny McD.


Well, if you're anxiously awaiting the rest of the book, you'll be very happy to know that I plan to send out Chapter 2 a little later this week. (And I'll include a link to Chapter 1, in case you missed it the first time around.)

Plus, I'll also be making a special, private announcement about a way you can get the rest of the book much sooner than everybody else... and about a special, members-only webinar where I'll be answering YOUR questions *live*.... about New Year's resolutions, willpower, and a whole lot more.

So, if you're not already on the mailing list, be sure to sign up here:

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P.S. If you've already read Chapter 1 and would like to share your thoughts, please add your comments here. Thanks!

How much do you plan to

How much do you plan to charge for this book?

I very much want to read the rest

I'm anxious to read the rest. Can I pay now?

Wow! For a procrastinator,

Wow! For a procrastinator, you sure have written a page-turner of an opening chapter!
It really spoke to me and I felt very re-assured that I am not a unique type. Thank you for thinking all these things through so thoroughly and I can't wait to read the next instalment.

Just Do It!

These words have always gotten under my skin and caused me pain too. It always amazed me what people would say to me or the gifts they would give me to make me "better." For instance, I received "The Blue Day Book" by Bradley Trevor Greive for my birthday one not so great year. On the cover is a sad looking frog and when you open it the beginning is a bunch of sad looking animals with a little sad phrase per animal. As you progressed through the book everything gradually became happy. The intention is that you would be the same by the time you got to the end. Not only did it irritate me to no end that they thought this book would solve all my problems and then I would be happy, but I found I hated the animals pictured. I love animals and usually find joy in looking at cute pictures of them but not this time. I ended up covering up the words and just randomly viewed the pictures for enjoyment but I still don't understand who thought this would be a good book for me. So PJ, it's a good thing you have put the "Just Do It" example out there so nothing like this happens to anyone else :P Looking forward to future chapters.

I can't wait to read the rest of it

Thanks PJ for a great read. My brother sent me the links and I read the first two chapters straight away. What you say makes so much sense. I'm forwarding it to friends and my business coaching colleagues and clients to USE right now. You've given me food for thought and a valuable tool I can use in my business - and for myself. HURRY - I can't wait to read the rest of it!
Pauline B Business Coach

I've been browsing the

I've been browsing the handouts for your workshops, and in one of them "following your bliss" is exposed as a myth. Could you please explain that briefly?


You don't *follow* your bliss, you bring it to what you do.

There's a lot more to it than that, but you did say "briefly". ;-)

Hi PJ, I have read the

Hi PJ,
I have read the first three chapters of TTD and I must say it's turning out to be a great book. Especially after reading chapter 3, my reaction was "brilliant work, genius, bravo". Go PJ, and thankyou. This could easily be a new bestseller hit!

May I ask where did you get

May I ask where did you get the TTD book? I'm checking this site every day and patiently waiting for it or did I miss something?

Cheers :)

I sent the first three chapters... people on the waiting list. And the people in my Mindhacking 101 class are now up to chapter 7.

Oh I can see now that I've

Oh I can see now that I've unsubscribed by mistake.

I've also discovered first two chapters, I don't know how could I missed that :)

Thanks for the reply.

Can't wait for the rest


I loved what I have read so far (first two chapters). I could really relate to the life experience you mention throughout your books and blog entries.

I only wish I had seen your web site earlier and could read your chapters as they came out. Chapter 2 left me starving for more.

Excellent work and thank you for sharing for all to benefit. BTW, I like hard-copies (I will buy the book as it comes out) but with the great feeling I have about your book, I am willing to buy the book by available chapters in electronic form as well. :)

I hope talk to you soon and please do not forget to update the mailing list I am in if there are any news! ;)


When is the book coming out?

When is the book coming out?

Real Soon Now.

I've just begun a rewrite, as you'll see some news about on the front page now. When I've gotten enough into the writing to have a good measurement of my rate of progress, I'll be able to set an actual release date.

I can hardly wait... I really

I can hardly wait...

I really hope that your book will be different than others. I read almost 1500 pages of other self-help books in 2009.

It didn't quite help. Losing nerves and hope. I'm also a bit sad that I'm not from the USA otherwise I'd visit your workshops without thinking twice (hmm indecision is suffering, I guess I've already learned something :)).


My workshops actually are by phone/internet being outside the US isn't really an excuse. ;-) Currently, we have members in 13 different countries besides the US, on four different continents.

Get the Book for Free?

PJ: Hey Kevin, would you like to get the book for free?

Kevin: Oh ok, that would be great, what do i need to do?

PJ: Stick out your hand.

Kevin: Alright...............Now What?

PJ: Aah sorry mate..That offer was in the past..doesn't apply anymore!


I'm not sure I understand you.

The 418 people who've signed up for the free book offer (and didn't unsubscribe from the list) are still getting it. Or are you just saying that there are still older pages on this site that mention the survey offer?

I think the complaint is that

I think the complaint is that clicking the link labelled "Get The Book, For FREE!" does not actually enable one to get the book for free.

I checked out the

I checked out the Mindhacker's guild but I don't know what to choose or did I miss something else?

I would love to take one of your workshops by phone or internet. Money is not a problem since I'm not procrastinating on only one thing... my depressing and boring job.

Any quick suggestions?

The Guild is currently closed for new memberships...

...but I will probably have some sort of introductory offer and brief re-opening next month. In the meantime, make sure you're on my list so you can hear about that, and I also have some workshop recordings available at:

So you can get an idea of some of the things we do/teach.

I've finally decided to check

I've finally decided to check out one of your past workshops (Simple Techniques For Rapid Change) and I must say that I'm very surprised. I didn't expect that I could still discover something fresh, a different approach to an old problem. I've really ran out of hope in the last few months because of all the garbage that I've read (except one book perhaps and some of your early work) but I keep turning to TTD.

This is good stuff, I'm being slowly reignited :)